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European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

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The following time-table was received from Arthur J. Gaines in 2002
Jan 19, 1944 We left Fort Dix (NJ) and went to Tenn. for maneuvers.  We arrived in Shelbyville.  Our maneuver area included Shelbyville, Cooksville, Murfreesboro.
April 1, 1944 Maneuvers ended and we proceeded to Camp Forrest, Tenn. 
May 1 We pulled out of Camp Forrest.
May 3 Arrived in Camp Myles Standish (South of Boston MA)
May 6 Arrived in the Boston Harbor.  We boarded the U.S.S. Wakefield.
May 6 to 12 Remained on deck.
May 12 to 19 We were at sea.
May 20 Arrived at Liverpool, England
May 21 Debarked from ship and drove by truck convoy into a small village called Solihull, England
May 21 - Jul 8 Stayed in Solihull, England
Jul 8 to 14 Stationed at Tidworth (Southampton) England
Jul 14 to 17 Remained in Camp Hurley, England
Jul 17 to 18 Sailed across the English Channel on a British Liberty ship named
"Empire Rapier"
Jul 18, 1944 Landed on "Utah Beach", France
Jul 19 Proceeded by truck to St. Marie, France for a so-called rest period
Jul 27 Moved to Ariel, France located near St. Lo
Jul 28 - Aug 1 Set up operation on detached service to the US First Army
Aug 7 Arrived in Le Mans, France
Aug 22 Bivouacked in Orleans, France
Aug 23 Set up in "Chateau Landon" France
Sep 1 Set up in "Chalon Sur Marne" France
Sep 8 Set up in Blenod Les Toul, France
Nov 8 Set up in Aumetz, France
Nov 23 Arrived in Thionville, France
Mar 20, 1945 Set up in St. Wendel, Germany
Apr 1 Set up in Steinheim, Germany (Easter Sunday), near Hanau.  While bivouacked, Jet plane strafed and bombed our area.  Our Colonel was captured this same day.  The following day he was recaptured by American Troops...Major Fonde was killed...Cpl Larate, Cpl Waliky, Capt McLeod and Capt. Stout were also captured and released the same as the colonel.
Apr 4 Set up in Lauterbach, Germany
Apr 18 Set up in Forcheim, Germany
May 2 Arrived in Landshut, Germany
May 4 Set up in Regen, Germany
June 6 Moved into Weyregg and Kammer, Austria (Hosp - Kammer)

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